Terminator 5 will be called ‘Terminator Genisys’
Terminator reboot

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to one of his iconic roles and creates a terrible film title in the process.

Terminator reboot

The actor/former bodybuilder/former governor revealed the latest title for the newest Terminator film which will see Arnie reprise the role that rocketed him to fame back in 1984.

Schwarzenegger took to social media to reveal the news with a tweet reading ‘Hasta la vista, baby. Thx to cast & crew. Can’t wait to remind fans why they fell in love with @Terminator on 7/1/15’

This was accompanied by a picture on Instagram which showed Arnie in the director’s chair with ‘Terminator Genisys’ written across it.

[Here’s his back – Instagram]

No really, the title they’ve decided to go for is actually the beautifully inaccurate ‘Genisys’. Why nobody thought it may be unwise to let a film starring a burly Austrian with English as a second language star in a film with a misspelt title is beyond reason.

We can only guess that ‘Ridempshun’, ‘Risurexion’, ‘Envinsable’ and ‘Turminashun’ were all discarded before they settled on that one. Hopefully one of Arnie’s Expendables co-stars steps in before this blunder goes too far.

Cheer yourself up with this trailer for the original Terminator:

Is this the worst film title ever?

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