Milk Presents: Self Service

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (theatre): Milk Presents: Self Service at Northern Stage at King’s Hall (Venue 73). Review by Sally Stott

Milk Presents are a lovely theatre company: defiantly rough around the edges, covered in all things shiny, and gloriously punk. This, their third show, is a cabaret about being queer and the different things this word means to different people.

Performer/creators Lucy Doherty, Ruby Glaskin and Adam Robertson, in blonde wigs, gold metallic trousers and crop tops, mix together songs with projections, pop music with spoken word and, in a particularly insightful sequence, mime along to the words of an eclectic bunch of interviewees.

It has all the guts and thrown-together appeal of an old-school piece of political theatre and is entertaining in a non-polished kind of way. There are some pertinent juxtapositions: we are asked to consider why we, the audience, laugh at sexist jokes but scoff incredulously at the homophobic ramblings of those against gay marriage.

The fight against homophobia seems more at home delivering its message through entertainment than feminism does. Perhaps that’s why, arguably, it has been more successful (at least in the West). Either way, it’s hard to imagine a less likely place to find prejudice than a Fringe venue – but the company aren’t unaware of this, as a parody of themselves as “three white hipsters in their 20s” reveals at the end.

Until 23 August. Today 10pm.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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