10 of the funniest Fringe comedians on Twitter
katie mulgrew

Given that most tweets are normal people trying to be funny, Twitter would seem like the perfect medium for Fringe comedians too. But how to cram those carefully crafted witticisms and 10-minute routines into 140 characters?

We run through ten comedians appearing at the Fringe who manage to do just that…

katie mulgrew
[Katie Mulgrew: funny IRL too]

Katie Mulgrew

Katie Mulgrew uses her talent on stage to talk about Disney princesses and the sweet life with her real Prince Charming in her show Happily Ever After. And after the curtains have dropped she continues to live in a land known far, far away, even when she confuses a strange bartender for one of her magical friends.

Alexis Wieroniey

Alexis Wieroniey not only has a talent for making her fans laugh on stage when she’s comparing American and British culture in her show American’s Guide to Being Like, Totally British, but she also knows how to make her fans laugh online, in a stressful situation.

Janey Godley

Janey Godley gives a first impression of being sweet and calm. But that changes when she opens her mouth on stage. And it’s no different once she starts posting on Twitter. Godley is known to have a rough-edged but hilarious sense of humour and in her current show Oh My Godley! swearing is a must.

Ashley Storrie

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ashley Storrie not only entertains at this years Fringe with her show Pumped!, but like her mother Janey Godley, she shares the same sense of humour, full of uncensored language and satire.

Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey is not only known for TV shows like Hebburn, but also for his outstanding performance on stage in his show Chris Ramsey: The Most Dangerous Man On Saturday Morning Television. A recent post on Ramsey’s Twitter clearly shows his unique talent for comedy and his ability to make anyone laugh.

Rhys James

Rhys James, who is in Edinburgh with his show Rhys James: Begins, shows in a recent tweet that once his mind wanders off on its own, there is no guarantee what he might burst out with. Consider yourself warned.

Jen Brister

Jen Brister, who is joining the Fringe with her newest stand up show Wishful Thinking, knows how to take a step away from the stage to make her followers on Twitter laugh just as hard online.

David Morgan

David Morgan might be funny during his show Social Tool, but most of his power is derived from another source. Morgan is also known for his impressive quiff, and a recent tweet shows his followers on Twitter the amount of strength it takes from him to keep the look.

Cal Wilson

Another bequiffed comic in our list, Cal Wilson leaves audiences laughing till their stomachs hurt with various impressions of poets and surgeons in her show, It Could Have Been Me. But when not on stage she still manages to make sure her followers are entertained.

Jeff Leach

It’s no surprise that Jeff Leach made the list. Whenever he’s not on stage with his one man show Fit, he’s out scavenging for pictures for his followers on Twitter.

Who is your favourite comedian on Twitter?

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