Worst Show on the Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (comedy): Worst Show on the Fringe at George Next Door (Venue 430). Review by Kate Copstick

One of my bugbears in August is shows that have blatantly misrepresentational titles. Such as this one. By no stretch of anyone’s imagination is this the worst show on the Fringe and if you think you will go along and get to see car crash comedy, think again.

There is some irritating chat about why it is particularly hard for a comic to have a “bad day at the office”. It is not, they are up there because they want to be. No-one has ever said “I must feed my starving family, I suppose I will have to take a job as a stand up comic”. Luckily the comedians who are with us are rather good.

Alex Love is great fun, and there is, it must be said, not much squid-based humour around, so his set gave us a rare chance to enjoy it. Alfie Moore, copper turned comic, is getting better all the time and his tales of naked men in Scunthorpe were classic. Matt Price, now he has found his mojo and got some confidence, is a fabulous comic. An absolute delight onstage and his hair-raising tales of doing stand-up in Broadmoor are truly hilarious

Until 25 August. Today 2:30pm, more info

Originally published in The Scotsman

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