Something’s in the Living Room

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (theatre): Something’s in the Living Room at C cubed (Venue 16). Reviewed by Sally Stott

We’re in a living room. And there’s this thing – a black spidery creature lying on the floor, made of shreds of binbags that sit like a pile of dead crow’s wings – covering a large section of the carpet. Only they’re not dead, they’re moving.

Sally E Dean’s one-woman experimental piece revolves around a really excellent use of costume. It’s something that she emerges from, a kind of half-human, half-insect-like creature and then moves around the room, anxiously asking us whether we remember her. It’s like a metamorphosis, only instead of changing from man to beetle, she morphs from sinister floor creature to a woman.

Quite what it’s all about is open to interpretation and while this is the point, watching someone shout words into a teapot before flailing around a room in black plastic may be a step too far for many into the avant garde. But Dean is a compelling performer, able to work with her elaborate outfit to become something simultaneously outlandish and vulnerable.

It ultimately all ends up a bit too mysterious for its own good, but it’s nevertheless a polished and intriguing example of one of those weird little shows you can only find on the Fringe.

Until 25 August. Today 3pm.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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