I’m Thinking of Leaving Facebook
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (theatre): I’m Thinking of Leaving Facebook at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters (Venue 272). Reviewed by Sally Stott.

Gregarious, brash and sporting the side ponytail of a woman who doesn’t give a damn what you think, Lolly Jones isn’t the kind of person you expect to find working in parliament – but by god, am I glad she is. Or at least she was before being fired after getting someone to take a photo of her sticking her middle finger up in the House of Commons (which she then posted on Instagram with the hashtag #vivarevolution).

Everyone should see at least one show on a bus each Fringe and this stationary one is a fittingly down-to-earth place for a show about our increasingly virtual lives, as well as a fascinating and unusually frank account of office life behind-the-scenes of “the coalition bullshit.”

Whether it’s “feeling like a right grufty” in her Converse and backpack while “boffing a lord” or dealing with a boss described as “a meatball on legs”, Lolly is a proper punk – the kind of “Northern bitch” with an unpretentious attitude that all the posh Southern rahs of politics really need to listen to. From her attempts to find love with a bloke called Jamie to her critique of the all-consuming nature of Facebook, she is a blast to spend an hour with.

I’m Thinking of Leaving Facebook is at Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters. More info here.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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