Last Chance Romance
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (dance, physical theatre and circus): Last Chance Romance at Zoo Southside (Venue 82). Reviewed by Kelly Apter

First up, a warning: if being plucked from the crowd, matched with a fellow audience member and made to dance on stage is your idea of hell, don’t take a raffle ticket on your way in. Because it would be a shame if anything spoiled your enjoyment of Kitsch & Sync Collective’s hugely silly but entertaining show.

Dressed in shades of pastel with plastic shoes, big wigs and fixed grins, Kylie Ann Smith, Kim Noble and Rosalind Brooks (aka the Last Chance Romance dating agency) are hungry to find you a mate.

Sitting in ingenious booths that open and close, wheel around the stage and play host to all manner of ridiculous props, the three women sing, dance and chat their way into our hearts.
Disillusioned by the difficulties of finding love, for themselves or others, they become increasingly desperate to build a relationship of substance. Which is where the audience comes in. Three men have their vital statistics measured, couples are thrown together as dancing partners, and one pair of strangers even have a baby.

It’s all peppered with 1950s-style tunes, engaging dance routines, witty singing and bags of personality.
The Cardiff trio may not find love, but they’ve certainly discovered how to have a good time.

Last Chance Romance is at Zoo Southside. More info here.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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