Miss Behave’s Game Show
Miss Behave

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (cabaret): Miss Behave’s Game Show at Heroes @ Bob & Miss Behave’s Bookshop (Venue 212). Reviewed by Ben Walters

“What on earth is a glitterball doing talking to you through a cardboard mic about your phone?”
It’s a fair question.

Miss Behave

The glitterball at issue is in fact a performer in head-to-toe gold sequins: Miss Behave, who’s best known for squeezing into red rubber to host cabaret nights such as La Clique and La Soirée, and for her sword-swallowing sideshow prowess.

She’s talking through a cardboard mic (well, a cardboard-covered mic) because this is a different, defiantly lo-fi kind of project; a rough-and-ready, in-it-together, just-a-bit-of-fun enterprise that’s more rowdy grown-up parlour game than polished spectacle. And she’s talking about your phone because that’s the ingenious premise of the show.

Where most nights instruct you to turn your mobile off, Miss Behave’s Game Show invites you to get it out. At the top of the show, punters are divided into those with iPhones and those without: these are the teams for the night.

Some games require phones, such as Call Me First, which consists of Miss Behave holding up her phone number on a piece of cardboard and waiting, or Shazam That Riff, where you can use the music-recognition app to identify a famous snatch of music.

Other games involve clever wordplay, competitive shouting or pelting (soft, clean) bits of rubbish at the host. A random audience member is anointed rule-maker, points are scrawled in marker pen on to another bit of cardboard, and co-host Harriet – a fetchingly bearded young man in lipstick, hotpants and pink poodle backpack – interviews punters.
Things are smashed with mallets.

It’s inventive, funny and shrewdly subversive of commercial entertainment. It’s also utterly daft.
The result is a big wet smacker of a show – unpretentious, unruly, uplifting.

Miss Behave’s Game Show is at Heroes @ Bob & Miss Behave’s Bookshop. More info here.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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