Elijah Wood producing crazy new zombie film
Elijah Wood Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Hobbit turned eccentric film guru Elijah Wood is producing a crazy-sounding new zombie movie called Curse the Darkness.

Elijah Wood Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"
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Wood is backing the film alongside the partners from his production company, SpectreVision.

According to The Hollywood ReporterCurse of Darkness will be an ‘anthropological zombie film’ – and will focus on chemically-induced slavery on plantations around the Haitian Revolution of 1803.

Jorge Michel Grau – who had a huge cult hit with cannibal flick We Are What We Are – will be directing Brandon Maurice Williams’ screenplay.

SpectreVision also produced Wood’s upcoming film Open Windows, which sees him star alongside former porn star Sasha Grey in an internet based thriller.

Wood is no stranger to darker characters, playing cannibal Kevin in Frank Miller’s Sin City and appearing in the horror flick Maniac in 2012.

Watch the trailer for Open Windows:

Will you be looking out for Curse of Darkness?

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