Friends stars reunite for spoof sketch on American TV
Friends Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Aniston’s live Jimmy Kimmel appearance was unexpectedly hijacked – as the humorous host reunited Rachel with Phoebe and Monica, two decades after the first Friends episode aired.

Friends Jimmy Kimmel

The three appeared in a nostalgic skit set in Monica’s beloved apartment, with Kimmel standing in for David Schwimmer’s character Ross, to mark the 20th anniversary of the series.

The sketch followed Aniston’s interview on the talk show, as Kimmel asked her to read a Friends script with him and unveiled a fake set from the show – complete with a canned laughter button on the table.

To further celebrate the Friends anniversary, Warner Bros. TV will be bringing a pop-up Central Perk to Manhattan, serving free coffee during the month it is open.

See (half) the gang back in Monica’s kitchen:

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