Never Mind the Bawbags

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotsman review (comedy): Never Mind the Bawbags at Scottish Comedy Festival @ the Beehive Inn (Venue 178a). Reviewed by Claire Smith

This two handed show, in a room behind a curtain in a busy pub, is full of curious, slightly drunk punters who have wandered in off the Grassmarket hoping to have a good time.

Liam Withnail, a boisterous and personable Edinburgh-based comic from Dagenham, works the room. He finds a Spanish girl, a woman from Romania and a very strident young lady from Aberdeen. Withnail messes about, riffing with the audience in a way which is just the right side of confrontational.

He throws in a couple of half-hearted jokes about sausages and incontinence. And he leaves the room a lot warmer than he found it.

We are primed and ready for Jellybean Martinez – an inspired and demented Latin lounge singer wearing a shiny pink shirt, sparkly trousers and one leopardskin glove. The outrageously flirtatious Martinez force feeds someone sweets, persuades a man to impersonate Morrissey and performs a bizarre sadomasochistic magic trick.

Martinez is a great comic character – exuberant, silly and slightly menacing.

By the end of an hour we’ve found out about other audience members, watched things almost kick off with a lady from Aberdeen and seen some Spanish buttocks. All good, anarchic fun.

Originally published in The Scotsman

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