Kate Bush’s house at risk of falling into the sea
kate bush

Kate Bush’s seaside home is ‘running down that hill’ as local council warns it could crash off its cliffside perch.

kate bush

The reclusive pop star is currently in the midst of her comeback tour at the Hammersmith Apollo, but according to the Exeter Express & Echo, Bush may not have a home to return to as her Devon cliff-top property is at risk.

It may sound like great inspiration for the next concept album, but according to the local council, Bush’s 200-year-old property is next in line to ‘fall into the sea’ as it now sits inches away from an 88 foot drop from the Devon coastline.

Devon County Council member Steve Gardner said that there were potential options to save Kate’s house:

“You can attach netting to the cliff face, or another option is spraying it with concrete, although these are very expensive and not something the council would pay for.”

It seems that the council doesn’t quite have the budget to rebuild the collapsing foundations of pop stars’ houses.

It would be an expensive process to save Kate’s five-bed mansion property, so maybe the singer should consider somewhere a little more secure for her next property – out on the winding windy moors perhaps?

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