Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds debut song from ‘20,000 Days on Earth’

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have premiered new song ‘Give Us A Kiss’ which will feature on the singer’s upcoming pseudo-documentary film.


We were excited about surreal docu-drama 20,000 Days On Earth when the first trailer was released back in July. Then other things happened for a bit and we honestly got on with our lives. But now, we’re all a-flutter about the prospect again with the release of the new Bad Seeds track.

‘Give Us A Kiss’ is an unreleased track from the 2013 album Push The Sky Away and will be featured on the soundtrack of the new film which looks to mark Cave’s 20,000th day being Nick Cave by following him around – whether that’s hanging out with Ray Winstone or Kylie Minogue, or visiting his therapist.

It’s uncertain how much of the real Nick Cave this psuedo-documentary will be giving away – we’re expecting  a macabre take on Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

The new track is as sombre and ethereal as you would hope from the Australian alternative outfit and definitely has a cinematic feel. The film is set for release on September 19.

Listen to ‘Give Us A Kiss’:

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