Watch the world’s weirdest Britney medley – by a Scottish YouTuber
Britney Duncan Carter

Britney Spears fan Duncan Carter has posted an acapella mash-up of him performing her hits – and it’s strangely mesmerising.

Britney Duncan Carter

The video features 24 of Britney’s best-known tracks including ‘Womaniser’, ‘Circus’, ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Work Bitch’ and ‘Oops!… I Did it Again’.

Carter also sports famous costumes from her videos, including the school-girl outfit from ‘Baby One More Time’ and the flight attendant uniform from ‘Toxic’.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Carter said:

“I’ve done a couple other medley videos but because I’m such a huge Britney fan, I put a lot more time into this one.

“I created all the vocals, instruments [and] drums with either my voice or hands, and did all the musical arrangement, editing and effects myself.”

The crazy post-production and syncronised dance moves only add to the absurdity – and fun.

Watch the video:

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