Deadmau5 v Disney: EDM star hits back in bizarre trademark row

Canadian DJ Deadmau5 has turned the tables on Disney after the entertainment corporation opposed his attempt to trademark his Mickey-like logo.

[Deadmau5 has taken the fight to Disney’s legal team – picture: Getty]

Disney are famously litigious, firing out cease and desist orders to anyone in the world who dares to copy any of their designs for personal profit.

And when one of the world’s biggest DJs tried to trademark a logo that looks like a larger-than-life, trippy version of Mickey Mouse, it was only a matter of time before a lawsuit was forthcoming.

This week EDM star Deadmau5 was hit with a 171-page “trademark opposition proceeding” against his application to trademark his logo, which he made in June last year to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

However, rather than back down, the DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, who wears the LED-powered mouse helmet during his shows, vowed to take the fight to the entertainment giant, a battle he revealed through a series of tweets, including the amusing threat, “lawyer up mickey”.

And he wasn’t finished there.

Last night, in a new development, Deadmau5 noticed that Disney had used his track ‘Ghosts’n’Stuff’ in a video without permission. So he issued a cease and desist letter of his own.

Whatever you think of Deadmau5’s music, you have to admire his conviction – and willingness to share on Twitter.