Willow Smith covers King Krule’s ‘Easy Easy’ – listen

Sound the ‘weird cover foghorn’ – because Will Smith’s daughter has released a cover of the very English King Krule – listen below.

[Willow Smith is following in her dad’s footsteps – picture: Getty]

Covers that make very little sense seem to be the flavour of the month, with Arcade Fire making headlines throughout their recent tour by doing renditions of Smashing Pumpkins tracks and the Beverley Hills Cop theme just to name a few.

But now even Willow Smith is getting in on the act – the singer best known for her neck-straining anthem ‘Whip My Hair’ has released a cover of the flame-haired singer-songwriter King Krule’s track ‘Easy Easy’, from his 2013 debut album.

It’s fairly bizarre to hear the young American teen starlet say words such as ‘bobbies’ and ‘mate’, which make a lot more sense in Krule’s slurry English accent, but who are we to curb the young Smith’s ambition to try out different genres of music?

Let’s celebrate the fact that she’s stopped whipping her hair and put on some gloomy indie records.

Listen to Willow Smith’s cover of ‘Easy Easy’:

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