Robert De Niro to play Zac Efron’s ‘dirty grandpa’ in Driving Dick Kelly
Efron De Niro

Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are reportedly set to star in the adult comedy Driving Dick Kelly (formerly known as Dirty Grandpa).

Efron De Niro

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Driving Dick Kelly will be directed by frequent Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator Dan Mazer.

Mazer, who co-wrote Borat and Bruno, recently directed quirky rom-com I Give it a Year.

The Hollywood Reporter teed ip the plot of the road trip film as follows:

“Efron will play a young man who is tricked into driving his grandfather (De Niro), a perverted former Army general who thinks his grandson is about to marry the wrong woman, to Florida for spring break.”

Efron has starred in a couple of comedies recently, including That Awkward Moment and  Bad Neighbours, in which he held a Robert De Niro party.

De Niro recently appeared in Grudge Match and American Hustle.

Watch Efron as De Niro in Bad Neighbours:

Will you be looking out for Driving Dick Kelly?

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