5 reasons why The Room is an underrated classic
You're tearing me apart lisa

Each Monday, film fan and champion of the downtrodden Jordan Sims picks out an overlooked gem or unfairly maligned masterpiece – and gives them the spotlight they so dearly deserve.

This week, it’s the turn of so bad it’s good disaster The Room to get its time in the sun. Here’s 5 reasons why it’s an underrated classic.

You're tearing me apart lisa

1. It has the best iMDB trivia list ever

Literally. Just search the film on iMDB and check the trivia page. What was supposed to be “general knowledge” turns into lines from a comedy sketch somewhere along the line, and points such as ‘Cartoon Network aired a somewhat censored version of the film every April Fools’ Day from 2009 to 2011′ make an appearance. Personally, I think it is perfectly in keeping with the overall tone of the film. But I’m sure that’s just me.

2. The genius of Tommy Wiseau

Director/writer/actor Tommy Wiseau puts in a fantastic performance as the lead character. Executing his own classic lines brilliantly, he conveys a socially dystopian world which our heroic protagonist must battle through. Oh, and also a few sex scenes that last an excruciatingly long amount of time – funnily enough.

3: Comedic effect was not lost on the audience

Yes, there was an audience during filming. And yes, there was often an outbreak of laughter during supposedly serious scenes. But so what? I’m sure The Shawshank Redemption had a few avid onlookers in tears of laughter when some of its many immortal lines were uttered. The line “in a few minutes… bitch!” caused The Room’s audience to burst out laughing, and Tommy Wiseau to storm out.

4: It made a major contribution to the film industry

Despite having an estimated budget of $6 million, the film only managed to earn a gross profit of $1,900  I can’t imagine why). But the company – Wiseau Film Studios – probably made a bunch in DVD sales, and their masterwork continues to be regularly screened to enthusiasts at cinemas around the globe. I am very happy for them, as I am sure many other devoted film fans are as well.

5: Its lead has potential

As strange as it sounds, many of the biggest mainstream actors today started out witha cult following, Arnold Schwarzenegger being a prime example. In 5 years, Tommy Wiseau could well be in The Expendables 9…. or something to that effect. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, eh?

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