10 essential Edinburgh blogs you should be reading

It is statistically likely that at least half of your friends, relatives and family pets have, have had or will have their own blog at some point in this lifetime. But there are casual, half-hearted bloggers and then there are the perfectly informed, talented types who can point you in the direction of new discoveries right on your doorstep.

If you’re looking to learn more about the goings-on in Scotland’s capital, who better to teach you than its own resident bloggers? Here are our favourite blogs you should be reading, written by Edinburgh experts.

The clued-up blog: ElevatorMusik

ElevatorMusik blog
[Picture: ElevatorMusik]

Blog: www.elevatormusik.com
Twitter: @elevatormusik

Gillian from ElevatorMusik has lived in the city for years now and knows her stuff when it comes to the local highlights. As well as regularly blogging about beauty, fashion and food, Gillian periodically writes her own Edinburgh City Guide series. She even has an interactive map of the city on her blog, highlighting her favourite places to eat, drink and play in Auld Reekie.

The boozy blog: The BeerCast

BeerCast blog
[Picture: The BeerCast]

Blog: thebeercast.com
Twitter: @TheBeerCast

You might remember reading Richard Taylor’s Edinburgh beer lover’s guide here on WOW247 back in May, but have you kept up with his alcohol-related antics since then? Richard has won awards for his blog The BeerCast in the past, so we think it’s pretty safe to say he’s the authority on ale around these parts. His ‘Edinburgh Beer Weekly’ posts are designed to keep fellow enthusiasts in the loop about events going on in the city that week, and he also writes reviews about new products to keep an eye out for. Well worth following on Twitter too, for tidbits and tips.

The caffeine-addled blog: Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

Edinburgh Coffee Lovers blog
[Picture: Edinburgh Coffee Lovers]

Blog: edinburghcoffeelovers.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter: @edinburghcoffee

Seeing as the WOW247 office is predominantly fuelled by caffeine, finding a dedicated coffee blogger was high on our list of priorities for this list. The author of Edinburgh Coffee Lovers visits every nook and cranny of the city on the hunt for good coffee so you don’t have to. Every review is tagged with a rating between 1 and 5 for each establishment – 1 being “the best coffee” and 5 being “abominable coffee” – making it easy to navigate the blog and quickly determine where you should (and, perhaps more importantly, should not) stop for your morning cup of java.

The fit blog: Griffen Fitness

Griffen Fitness blog
[Picture: Griffen Fitness]

Blog: griffenfitness.leithermagazine.com
Twitter: @tracygriffen

Griffen Fitness is the name of both a blog and a business owned by personal trainer Tracy Griffen. Tracy covers all aspects of exercise on her blog – from equipment to nutrition – giving an insight into her own personal training regime and healthy lifestyle. There are updates about local fitness events (such as the recent Fit Festival in Edinburgh) and plenty of posts to inspire budding runners and cyclists.

The music-obsessed blog: Song by Toad

Song by Toad blog
[Picture: Song, by Toad]

Blog: songbytoad.com
Twitter: @SongbyToad

Somehow Matthew Young finds time in his day to not only run his record label Song, by Toad Records, but also record frequent podcasts (fondly referred to as ‘Toadcasts’) and write his long-running, popular music blog – also called Song, by Toad. Understandably, a chunk of the Song, by Toad blog focusses on Matthew’s own label releases and artists, but he will often share his opinions – of which he has many – on bands you are guaranteed to never have heard of before, as well as the topical music news story of the moment. Without wanting to pigeon-hole his blog too much, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the Edinburgh, Scottish or wider alt-folk scenes.

The foodie blog: Eating Edinburgh

Eating Edinburgh blog
[Picture: Eating Edinburgh]

Blog: eatingedinburgh.com
Twitter: @nadinepierce

This was a tough call as there’s no shortage of great foodie blogs in the capital, but after some deliberation we’ve gone for Eating Edinburgh, written by Nadine Pierce. You can find reviews of a wide variety of Edinburgh restaurants here, as well as write ups of exclusive foodie events and the occasional recipe to try for yourself at home. While not updated as regularly as some of the others on this list, there are plenty of mouthwatering posts to keep you going until Nadine writes again. Check out her own introduction to Edinburgh eateries for WOW247.

The style guru blog: Zelda + Festus

Zelda + Festus blog
[Picture: Zelda + Festus]

Blog: zeldanfestus.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter: @ZeldanFestus

If you’re in need of a regular style fix then check out Zelda + Festus for striking fashion photography with an Edinburgh backdrop. The author mixes regular OOTDs (‘Outfit of the Day’ posts) with various clothes and accessories wish lists and looks at brand new runway couture. That much needed spark of inspiration is just an instant click away – perfect for those days when you feel like you’ve worn your wardrobe to death.

The beauty insider blog: AlleyHope

AlleyHope blog
[Picture: AlleyHope]

Blog: alleyhope.com
Twitter: @AlleyHope

Ali over at AlleyHope refers to herself as a lifestyle blogger, but her posts regularly lean towards the subject of beauty products. As well as more general reviews about new make up and skincare products on the market, Ali often attends seasonal launch events at well known shops in Edinburgh and gets a first-hand look at what’s on offer. With Christmas just around the corner, AlleyHope is one to watch for beauty junkies already thinking about penning their list for Santa.

The artistic blog: Edinburgh Sketcher

EdinburghSketcher blog
[Picture: EdinburghSketcher]

Blog: edinburghsketcher.com
Twitter: @edinsketcher

The EdinburghSketcher is also known as Mark, an illustrator and designer who lives in Scotland’s capital. Mark uses his blog to upload regular sketches of goings on around Edinburgh, whether the drawings are of a famous landmark or a new restaurant. Every Monday The EdinburghSketcher hosts a competition called ‘WhereArtI’? which invites participants to guess the location of that day’s drawing. There’s no doubt that Mark is extremely talented, and his sketches of our fair city will both charm and cheer you, whether you like it or not.

The serial traveller blog: Jemma Eat World

Jemma Eat World blog
[Picture: Jemma Eat World]

Blog: www.jemmaeatworld.com
Twitter: @JemmaEatWorld

As much as we all love our glorious hometown, sometimes there’s nothing better than the thought of getting away for a while. If your summer holiday is now just a faint memory (and next year’s is too far away to even dream about right now) then live vicariously through Edinburgh blogger Jemma, who has been travelling her way around Europe since 2012. She documents her progress on her blog Jemma Eats World and it’s a fascinating read. A self confessed “poor freelancer”, Jemma has some great tips for holidaying on a budget without missing out on any fun.

Which other Edinburgh blogs would you recommend? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter via @wow247edinburgh

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