5 reasons why The Adventures Of Tintin is an underrated classic
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Each Monday, film fan and champion of the downtrodden Jordan Sims picks out an overlooked gem or unfairly maligned masterpiece – and gives them the spotlight they so dearly deserve.

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This week, it’s the turn of already forgotten animated blockbuster The Adventures Of Tintin. Here are five reasons why it’s an underrated classic.

1. The cast is genuinely A-list

As surprising as it is, it appears that most of the Screen Actors Guild are avid Tintin fans – based on the stars that agreed to voice act at least. With a bill including Daniel ‘007’ Craig and everyone’s favourite zombie-based comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, it’s hard to believe the casting department aren’t working as politicians with persuasive skill like that.

2. Spielberg got hands on

Director Steven Spielberg (you may have heard of him) enjoyed working with the virtual camera so much that he even did some of the shooting for the movie himself. I’d say it was a terrible idea to have an untrained man behind the camera, but the film won a Golden Globe. So that shuts me up.

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3. Gollum is Haddock

Motion capture expert Andy Serkis takes a more vocal role in this film, playing the quintessentially Scottish Captain Haddock. Has a voice actor ever looked more different from the character they portray?


4. It’s a European thing

Due to the Tintin comics’ colossal popularity in Europe, the film was firstly released on this side of the Atlantic, with the hope that good ratings would tempt Americans into viewing. So….yeah……take that Hollywood.

5. Peter Jackson saved the day

Originally, Spielberg wanted to do a live action version of the film, which I think we all agree would have been revolting. However, after a phone call with Peter Jackson, he was convinced that a motion-capture version was the only way. Still, what a spectacle that would have been – to see Harrison Ford playing Tin Tin, and ET making a cameo as the antagonist.

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