5 reasons why From Dusk Till Dawn is an underrated classic
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Each Monday, film fan and champion of the downtrodden Jordan Sims picks out an overlooked gem – and gives them the spotlight they so dearly deserve.

This week, it’s the turn of outrageous gangsters-on-the-run turned monster movie From Dusk Till Dawn. Here are five unconventional reasons why it’s an underrated classic.

1. It’s got Tarantino’s trademark wit

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Although Quentin Tarantino is something of a legendary director now-a-days, you may not know that the From Dusk Till Dawn script was one of his earliest standalone writing jobs. Even having already won an Oscar for Pulp Fiction, however, he only reportedly received $1,500 for his handiwork. It must have been Albert Arkwright offering that deal.

2. There were a multitude of possible leads

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As if George Clooney wasn’t A-list enough, also considered on the list of possible actors to play the lead role were: Tim Roth, John Travolta, Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi. I suppose that’s the kind of casting luxury that comes with Tarantino’s name.

3. The signature scenes


Despite the fact that Robert Rodriguez directed the movie, Tarantino still manages to insert many of his classic signature scenes. Straight after the opening credits, the camera angle from the trunk is Quintessential (yes I am extremely proud of that one), and later on Big Kahuna Burger even makes an appearance.

4. The resurrection of Earl McGraw

Despite Earl McGraw (Michael Parks) actually dying in this movie, the character also appears in both of the Kill Bill movies. I’m sure the resurrection of the character has something to do with the undead theme surrounding the film…

5. The bar is real

The set for the bar, enigmatically named ‘The Titty Twister’, was actually built in the California desert. Against my better judgement, I cannot help but yearn to go for a pint or two. Vampires aren’t real, vampires aren’t real, vampires aren’t real…

Watch the trailer:

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