9 Scottish icons to watch on Netflix this Burns Night

With Burns Night on the horizon, what better way to prepare than with a healthy dose of Scottish culture? Handily, Netflix has you covered with some of the best showcases of Scotland’s stars, heritage and scenery.

Filth (2013)

Filth is an Edinburgh-set crime comedy drama following the exploits of a misanthropic Detective (James McAvoy) and his slow descent into insanity whilst investigating a make-or-break case revolving around the murder of a Japanese student. Based on the titular novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, himself a native of the city of Edinburgh, it’s a mad-cap masterpiece.

(Warning: NSFW Trailer)

Reign of Fire (2002)

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a decade after the awakening of an ancient race of dragons who subsequently sowed havoc and destruction throughout the lands, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey and their ragtag band of survivors hold up in a castle on the Scottish border – and hatch a plan to rid the country of the murderous reptilians once and for all.

Brave (2012)

Scottish princess Merida defies the custom of her clan by refusing to be betrothed in this Disney Pixar animation. Fleeing her home in anger, Merida inadvertently brings a terrible curse down upon her family, turning them into wild animals. Will young Merida escape the wrath of Mor’du and reverse the spell before it’s too late?

Sweet Sixteen (2002)

Blessed with typical Ken Loach optimism, Sweet Sixteen is the story of teenage drug-runner Liam and his attempts to raise money, so that he and his mother can leave their home of Greenock, Port Glasgow and start afresh elsewhere. However, the dark underbelly of Liam’s criminal world has different plans.

Frankie Boyle Live (2008)

Controversial Glasgow comic Frankie Boyle presents clips from his 2008 live tour in this comedy special. Full of all the usual shock and outrageous humour you’d be expecting from the former Mock the Week star.

(Warning: NSFW Clip)

The Thick of It (2005 -)

This iconic British comedy revolves around the inner workings of the British Government, and follows a government minister and his small team of co-workers – including Peter Capaldi’s starring turn as foul-mouthed Scottish spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, who sports some of the most colourful lines in TV history.

(Warning: VERY NSFW)

The Hunt for Red October (1990)

So patriotic is Edinburgh-native Sean Connery that even his Russian submarine commander speaks in a broad Scottish lilt. Set during the final years of the Cold War, a USSR submarine violates agreements and heads directly for the USA with unknown motives.

Long Way Down (2007)

In 2007, motorcycle buddies Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman left John o’Groats in Northern Scotland bound for the Southern point of Cape Town in South Africa, travelling through 18 countries along their epic journey. This epic BBC series documents the many trials and tribulations the pair and their support team face on the road from Scotland to Cape Auglas.

The Railway Man (2013)

Colin Firth stars as Scottish author Eric Lomax in this adaptation of Lomax’s own biography recounting his experiences as a POW during WWII. Captured in Singapore, Lomax was forced to work on the infamous Thai-Burma railway, north of the Malay Peninsula. Lomax underwent months of torture after he was caught building a small radio from spare parts found around his prisoner camp. Years later, at his home in Scotland, Lomax finds out one of his former captors is still alive – and sets out to confront his old adversary one final time.

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