Every independent record shop in Scotland on one map
record store day

Ever been in a new city on release day of a new album you just have to get your hands on? Or are the views on your weekly crate dig getting a bit repetitive? Then check out this map of every indie record shop in Scotland.

Hosted on Mappit.net, a framework designed to allow anyone to create map based public consultations, the map is open for anyone to edit, add to, or comment on.

Mappit maps are designed to be simple and straightforward, and that should come in useful as the map is expanded to include the rest of the UK. Mappit has already proven to be exceptionally adaptable, as a Book Map slowly mapping every book ever written according to setting and location shows.

While the map of Scottish shops was based on work I carried out in 2013, the UK map will be a true collaborative effort, sourcing local knowledge of great shops from the people who know them best; music lovers around the country.

If you’ve got a favourite record shop, big or small, then head to Mappit now and put them on the map.

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