Small screen Spielberg headed to Edinburgh International Film Festival
Steven Spielberg

TV outings from some of Hollywood’s best-known directors, including Steven Spielberg and Sam Peckinpah, will make it to the big screen at this Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF).

The Little Big Screen retrospective will offer film fans an opportunity to explore ’60s and ’70s TV Movies such as Spielberg’s Duel, Peckinpah’s Noon Wine, Tobe Hooper’s Salems Lot and Michael Mann’s Jericho Mile.

Originally aired as an ABC Movie of the Week, Duel was later released in cinemas in Europe and Australia, cementing Spielberg’s growing reputation.

Niall Greig Fulton, EIFF Senior Programmer said:

“With this retrospective we aim to present our audiences with a selection of the most significant titles from a golden era of made for television movies in the US. It is also an opportunity to consider the role of television in relation to cinema. A relationship with an ever changing dynamic that, in this context, has come full circle in recent years; television once again becoming an acceptable and fertile environment for artists primarily associated with the big screen.”

The EIFF will also celebrate the early career of director Walter Hill, featuring films from 1975’s Hard Times to 1982’s 48 Hours, and run a season based on films from Mexico.

Visit the EIFF website for more information on this year’s festival.

Watch a trailer for the season

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