Edinburgh Festival jobs guide: Working and volunteering opportunities
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If you’re looking to get involved in 2015’s Edinburgh Festival events, whether looking for your first experience of an arts-based job, or you’re planning a full career change – then here is our guide to employment and volunteering options.


Edinburgh Festival takes all sorts (and we mean all sorts) into its fold. The chances are, if you’re a creative individual with something to show, then there’s a way that you can be a part of the biggest arts festival in the world.

Very few of the summer festivals feature completely curated programmes and most combine some element of open submissions. Chances are, you won’t be the most surprising or under-prepared act on the bill, so come along and get involved.

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No festival is complete without a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you’re a dab-hand in production, marketing, stage management or event co-ordination, then there’s probably an opening out there for you.

Many theatres and venues will also employ their own teams, but all of the main festivals will be looking for top staff of their own.

For a fully immersive experience that will show you a different side of the festival season, then working within this huge cultural event is a must.

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Internships & Volunteering

If the festival jobs seem a little out-of-reach at this point in time, but you’re looking to dip your toe in creative waters – then many festival teams have internships and volunteering places available.

Although the majority of these will be unpaid, if you are willing to give up your August in exchange for a fast-track way to learn about the festival then it’s a great to stamp some experience on to your CV.

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Bar Work

The trusty pint-puller is not a position to be overlooked. The festival lifestyle can seriously take a toll on your wallet, so if you’re hoping to make a little extra cash to pay for those shows – then being behind the bar is a good way to balance the books.

The hours are long and the work is demanding, but bar staff can often gain access to shows and will probably have at least one celebrity encounter on the way.

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