Introducing the WOW247 Food and Drink Awards

Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink is upon us, and to mark this celebration of the nation’s culinary prowess, we are launching the WOW247 Food and Drink Awards.

Read on to learn more about the categories for Scotland – or submit your nominations now.

The categories

Best Bar

best bar

Whether it’s the cutting edge décor, the buzzing atmosphere or the delicious food on offer, which bar do you keep going back to?

Best Newcomer

best newcomer

Some bars and restaurants make an immediate impact, and this category rewards anywhere that’s launched in the past two years and is already establishing its reputation.

Fine Dining

fine dining

There are plenty of supremely talented chefs working around the country, and this category is for those places you love to go on a special occasion, for exquisite and adventurous cooking.

Casual Dining

best casual dining

Sometimes familiar, unpretentious food is what your stomach craves, and this category rewards the kinds of places that offer reliably good dishes on a consistent basis.

Traditional Pub

best traditional pub

Whether it’s a cosy country inn with hearty grub, or a welcoming establishment in the centre of town with an ever-changing range of ales, we want to know your go-to pub.

Best Chain

best chain

A chain doesn’t have to mean bland conformity. In fact, it can be a badge of honour: a place so good they had to make two, then three, then four versions. Whether it’s a pizza parlour or a burger joint, tell us which chain eatery  you love.

Best Street Food

best street food

You don’t have to hit the streets of Bangkok to sample an exciting range of street food. Here in Scotland there are plenty of outlets catering to our love of food-on-the-go. Which pop-up restaurant or market vendor has impressed you most?

Best Takeaway

best takeaway

Banish all thoughts of that greasy kebab on a Saturday night: there’s so much more to satisfy your taste buds, running the gamut of global cuisine from China to Mexico and back again.

Best Craft Beer

best craft beer

While whisky may be the national drink, Scotland’s craft beer scene is buzzing, with new independent brewers emerging all the time. Which craft beer has impressed you most?

Best Speciality Bar

best speciality bar

Recognising the places that put a little more thought and creativity into their drinks menu, we’re looking for those bars that specialise in extensive ranges of cocktails, gin or whisky.

Coolest Café

coolest cafe

From quality coffee that kick-starts your day to delicious lunch options, which café combines excellent food and drink with a great ambience?

Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth

From the finest cake cafés and patisseries to restaurants which offer mind-blowing (and waist-broadening) desserts, this category celebrates all that’s sweet in Scotland’s dining scene.

How to nominate

To make your nominations, click here to open the submissions form.

Nominations will close on May 23.

A shortlist of ten for each category will then be announced on May 30, when voting will open to decide the winners, which will be revealed in August.

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