9 of the weirdest examples of Twin Peaks merchandise

There may be doubt around the planned revival of Twin Peaks after David Lynch walked away, but one thing that’s remained constant is its devoted fanbase.

This in itself has spawned an industry in suitably quirky merchandise, so to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult show (which premiered on April 8, 1990), we’ve gone shopping for nine of the weirdest Twin Peaks-inspired products your money can buy.

A Llama Fridge Magnet

Twin Peaks Lama Print
Blue Crab Magnets/eBay

It’s Agent Cooper staring lovingly into the eyes of a llama. Why wouldn’t you want this? Although we do prefer the gif version.

The Twin Peaks Murder Mystery Board Game

Twin Peaks board Game

Take control of your favourite character and try to discover who BOB is using to commit his dastardly murders.

A Log Lady Etching

Log Lady Log

A bit of log with Log Lady on it. Nuf said.

A Dale Cooper Jesus Candle

Dale Cooper Jesus Candle

For those fans who think Special Agent Dale Copper is Godly. And who doesn’t?

The Owls Are Not What They Seem Soap

The Owls Are Not What They Seem Soap

Apparently this will make you smell like a pine tree, so…there ya go.

The Laura Palmer Operation Game

Laura Palmer Operation

We can’t. We just can’t.

Agent Cooper Earings

Agent Cooper Earings

Nothing else says superfan quite like wearing the face of your favourite character on your ears.

The Red Room Diorama

Red Room Diorama

A teenie, tiny model of a scene being filmed in the red room.

Agent Cooper Lip Balm


Looking to attract the attention of your friendly local FBI agent? This’ll do the trick.

Update: the cast of Twin Peaks have just released this video, begging for the return of David Lynch…

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