Getting piggy with it at Bangers and Bacon Chefs Table
Bangers and Bacon

On Saturday 11 April, we joined Bangers and Bacon at their Chefs Table for five courses of piggy goodness.

Born in Summer 2014, Bangers and Bacon was created by the award-winning team behind Bobby’s Bangers and flamboyant creator of Flavours Found, with a street food offering like no other. We joined James, Heather and Richard to try the dishes and see what they were all about.

Located at the Wonder Inn in the centre of Manchester, a stone’s throw from Shudehill metrolink and a short walk from the Northern Quarter, this grade 2 listed building offers a fantastic atmosphere and a unique location.

The Chefs Table pop-up at Guerrilla Eats has 30 shared bench seats spread across two tables with a great view of the food being prepared, so you get to be part of all the action.

The first course was a delicious Pig, Pickle and Pate Platter, consisting of a sausage Wellington, bacon jam, bacon infused pate, and homemade chutney.

This was followed by our favourite dish of the night – Char Siu noodle soup, an Asian inspired noodle soup with fresh herbs and shredded cured pork.

We loved the rich, meaty stock of the soup, and asked Richard what the ingredients were.

He said it was made with a mixture of pork and beef stock, and, to our surprise, a little bit of squirrel stock too! The Bangers and Bacon gang had been serving crispy fried squirrel at a previous event, and had added some stock to the soup. No wonder we couldn’t guess what was in it!

The third course was entitled Red and Black, and was a salad made with Bury black pudding and sweet strawberries – an inspired combination which really worked well.

We followed this with Pig in (Wellington) Boots: pork fillet and bacon pate wrapped in puff pastry, served with dauphinoise potatoes and greens.

I’m a big fan of beef wellington, but this was the first time I’d seen it done with pork.

Dessert was rather unusual, too – called A Trifle Swine, this trifle consisted of pineapple jelly, cream, cake, and treacle bacon. Yes, treacle bacon.

An unexpected combination of sweet and salty, this was one which split the diners, but I rather liked it. What can I say, everything really *is* better with bacon. Even trifle.

We had to know more about treacle bacon, so we asked James what it involved.

To our delight, some petits fours arrived from The Ginger Tart, who had a stall downstairs at Guerrilla Eats – delicious chocolate and salted caramel tarts.

Whist we ate our tarts, loosened our belts and vowed to start a diet tomorrow, we asked Richard about what customers can expect from the Bangers and Bacon space at The Kitchens, part of a new casual dining experience coming to Spinningfields next month:

We really enjoyed our Bangers and Bacon Chefs Table supper club experience, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

You can check out the Chefs Table for the next few weeks on Saturday nights at Guerrilla Eats, with tickets at £20 for five courses (two sittings per evening).

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