5 tracks on my playlist: Nina Las Vegas
nina las vegas

Australian DJ and producer Nina Las Vegas is touring Europe this month with Glasgow electronica collective LuckyMe.

Here Nina talks us through five tracks that have played a part in her musical life.

The one I grew up with: ‘Remember The Time’ by Michael Jackson

My Dad’s go-to record when we were kids, plus the clip was Egyptian themed. As Egyptian Australians, I always felt it was made for me and my sister. I think I listened to it maybe 2,000 times.

The one that got me into music: ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Kelis

The first album I bought with my own money (my Dad used to spoil us with great records at home) was Kelis’ Kaleidoscope. I can still remember being blown away by the Neptunes production. I worked as a cinema cleaner when I was in high school and although it was a horrible job I could blast this record through the speakers when I was picking up popcorn and soft drink cups!

The one that gets me ready to go out: ‘Cha Cha’ by D.R.A.M / ‘Trap Queen’ by Fetty Wapp

This always changes, right now it’s ‘Cha Cha’ by D.R.A.M or ‘Trap Queen’ by Fetty Wapp. I feel like ‘Trap Queen’ has taken forever to blow right up, but it’s definitely going to be around all summer.

The one I’ll never get tired of: ‘Ramping Shop’ by Vybz Kartell and Spice

So many inappropriate lyrics that I love singing out loud. In Sydney, heaps of the parties I have played with my friends have finished with this song! Kinda wild to think that Vybz is now in jail for murder. Eek.

The one I can’t get enough of right now: ‘Superspeed’ by Lido & Canblaster

I think this collaboration has been finished for a while now, however it’s only just dropped on Pelican Fly. It’s got the best elements from both of their productions, great chords and killer hooks.


Nina Las Vegas plays the following dates with LuckyMe:

17 Apr: The Nest, London, more info
18 Apr: The Art School, Glasgow, more info

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