12 fantastic YouTube movie channels you should watch right now
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If you’re looking for critics, creatives and vloggers who will actively enhance your love and appreciation of film, you’ve come to the right place.

Entertaining and insightful in equal measure, here are twelve of the best YouTube movie channels you can watch right now.

Chris Stuckmann

Fun, engaging and extremely likable, Chris Stuckmann reviews the latest cinema releases with the perfect mix of warm humour, intelligent commentary and film geek knowledge. Add to that his fun ‘Hilariocity’ videos, detailed analysis of complex films such as Enemy, and his right-on rants about the state of action and horror, and you’ve got one of the most accessible yet rewarding critics on the web.

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Every Frame A Painting

Shedding a fascinating light on some of cinema’s most memorable scenes, stars and filmmakers, Tony Zhou offers inspired analysis on the techniques and creative devices used to induce specific effects on the viewer. From Drive to Silence Of The Lambs and the work of Jackie Chan, this channel will give you a whole new appreciation for the craft behind your favourite film moments.

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Your Movie Sucks

As the title suggests, acerbic vitriol-machine Adam Johnston is in the business of ruthlessly ripping apart some of the most jaw-droppingly awful movies around – from high-profile releases to cult oddities. Funny, sharp and keenly-observed, the flagship YMS videos offer bags of entertainment – while shorter reviews of new releases and belated ‘Top Film’ compilations allow him to make the case for the better flicks out there too.

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Cinema Sins

If you’ve ever wanted to find out everything wrong with dozens and dozens of major movies past and present, you’ve come to the right place. Interestingly, it’s the pieces on generally well-regarded films that provide the most entertainment, as eagle-eyed narrator Jeremy amusingly highlights continuity errors, plot holes and weird filmmaking decisions you never noticed before.

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How It Should Have Ended

So addictive you’ll end up watching for hours, this ingenious team of witty animators lovingly lampoon high-profile films by imagining cheeky, alternative conclusions. The vids take the form of terrifically fun comedy sketches in effect – and the recurring scenes with Batman and Superman in the cafe are great.

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Red Letter Media

Funny, surprising and smartly subversive, these irreverent film reviewers found fame through the viral ‘Plinkett’ Star Wars videos (you have to watch them), and now produce both the popular Half In The Bag review series, and Best Of The Worst – in which they unearth and discuss unintentionally hilarious movies. The fact that the principle members are also experienced filmmakers means you can expect highly creative editing and stylistic choices – not to mention bizarre running narratives – and their analysis is also pretty knowledgable and interesting as a result.

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Movie Bob

With his excellent weekly residency at The Escapist now at an end, Bob’s own YouTube channel is where you’ll find his insightful, refreshing thoughts on new releases, extended musings on geek culture in cinema, and the fledgling ‘Really That Good’ series, which looks at established classics with a fresh pair of eyes.

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Brandon Hardesty

A master impressionist with a keen eye for the little details, this talented fellow found internet fame a number of years back with his amazing re-creations of iconic film scenes – in which he plays every character. He continues to make hilarious comedy videos, spoofs and mash-ups for his channel.

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Transforming famous action movies into exuberant musicals before your very eyes, these ingenious creatives affectionately draw on films’ most memorable scenes and exchanges to create full-blown song and dance numbers for them. Dredd, Die Hard and Predator with jazz-hands shouldn’t work, but you’ll be begging for a full stage version. “If it bleeds we can kill it!”

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Serving up everything from serious film analysis and reviews to homemade movie re-creations and – perhaps most famously – the ‘8-Bit Cinema’ series where they re-envisage famous films as retro video games, CineFix has every kind of video a self-respecting cinefile could want; ranging from thought-provoking essays to irreverent fun.

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Armed with some serious special effects skills, these anarchic filmmakers made their online names with jaw-dropping, laugh-out-loud short movies that transform humble living room squabbles into epic battles between good and evil – all with a key pop culture hook, of course. If the above example whets your appetite, be sure to check out ‘Harry Potter vs Star Wars’ too.

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Kermode and Mayo

Outspoken, uncompromising and winner of the ‘Best Unconventional Impression Of Danny Dyer Award 2010’, Mark Kermode is probably the UK’s best-known film critic. Whether you agree with his opinion or not, his entertaining insights are always worth listening to – and his dynamic with co-presenter Simon Mayo hysterical. An expert at hatchet-jobs, when in full-blown rant mode he’s a force to behold.

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