Watch the first trailer for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic
steve jobs

The first teaser trailer for Danny Boyle’s eagerly awaited film Steve Jobs has just been released by Universal Pictures.

The much talked-about film sees Michael Fassbender take on the role of the billionaire founder of Apple. He’s joined by an all star supporting cast including Seth Rogen as co-founder Steve Wozniak with Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels taking up the other major roles.

The film will tell its story through a series of flashbacks charting Jobs’ tumultuous first few years with Apple, his subsequent dismissal and his heroic return as CEO.

This isn’t the first time Jobs’ life will be put up on the big screen: Ashton Kutcher played the tech visionary in a 2o13 film that was universally panned for its lack of historic accuracy and formulaic approach to storytelling.

However, with an experienced and talented director at the helm this time around, hopes are high that this latest effort will become the definitive film of Steve Jobs’ life.

The teaser trailer doesn’t offer up too much in the way of narrative action: most of what we’re shown is the back of Fassbender, as he stands in front of an empty auditorium while we’re subjected to a whole host of unnecessarily dramatic snippets of dialogue – the worst example being the overtly ironic put-down:

“You can’t write code, you’re not an engineer…what do you do?!”

steve jobs

Unfortunately the teaser doesn’t quite live up to its billing: what’s most apparent is that Fassbender rather disappointingly doesn’t look much like Jobs at all.

This indicates that the film’s success may rely upon him giving another one of his knockout performances.

On a positive note however, Rogen (who’ll be hoping to make a breakthrough in a more serious role than he’s used to) looks the part as Wozniak in the 1990s.

Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself whether the likeness (or lack thereof) between Fassbender and Jobs will be an issue.

Steve Jobs is set for a release in UK cinemas on October 9