15 songs that define Let’s Make This Precious in Manchester
let's make this precious

Let’s Make This Precious is making waves as one of Manchester’s best alternative club nights.

Focusing on classic soul, post-punk and indie, and set up by DJs Fergal Kinney and Oliver Brown, the night has seen a surge in interest after moving to the legendary Star & Garter venue in the city centre – especially after a guest DJ set by Dexy’s Kevin Rowland earlier this month.

Fergal has put together a playlist of 15 of the night’s biggest floorfillers for your listening pleasure – check out the Spotify playlist below.

Here he talks us through five of his highlights:

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – ‘Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache’

“Recently we had the almighty privilege of welcoming Kevin Rowland of Dexys down for a guest DJ slot. He sang over most of the records and hearing that voice reverberate around a swelteringly hot Star & Garter was the supreme highlight of running this club night. He’s a man with a vision and we were very lucky to be in on that for one night.”

Belle and Sebastian – ‘I Don’t Love Anyone’

“Belle and Sebastian are a real touchstone for us, and we always have quite a few big B&S fans down. Nearly every time we play one of their tracks we hear a shriek from the corner of the room – usually in delight. It’s testament to the vision of Stuart Murdoch that these songs sit side by side so perfectly with all these great ’60s pop records.”

Sandie Shaw – ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

“This is just a great version, totally not what you’d expect from Sandie Shaw. Obviously Morrissey worshipped her, with good reason, but anyone who thinks it’s just a kitsch pop thing should listen to the rhythm section on this. We quite like playing slightly interesting cover versions at LMTP, and this is one we don’t play enough frankly.”

Marvin Gaye – ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’

“Let’s Make This Precious isn’t a night for enduring obscurities, wearing black and lurking around looking cool. It’s about a shared passion for all these brilliant records and all the high drama and handclaps that involves. We’d be very depressed if people were coming down and feeling shy about the dancefloor.”

The Shangri-Las – ‘Give Him a Great Big Kiss’

“Being instinctively lazy individuals, we only really started this night because there was certain music that we weren’t hearing anywhere in Manchester and desperately wanted to hear. This is one such track.”

Listen to Fergal’s playlist in full:

Let’s Make This Precious is held every second Friday of the month at The Star & Garter, Fairfield Street, Manchester. Learn more on Facebook and Twitter