9 most horrifying things done in pursuit of world records
Kim Goodman

Some folks will do anything to get their name in the history books. And some are a little more extraordinary than others.

From bizarre party tricks to revolting feats of nature, these Guinness World Records aren’t for the faint of heart.

Most bees covering a human

A Chinese bee-keeper took the world record for “most bees covering a human” only yesterday. Gao Bingguo, from the Shandong province of China, was covered with 109.05 kg of bees – that’s just over 17 stone. Gao, who has been a beekeeper for more than thirty years, was stung several thousand times during the attempt, as he was covered in honey and queen bees to attract the swarm. Ow.

Furthest milk squirt from eye

Mehnet Yilmaz from Turkey holds the world record for this fantastically useless superpower, reaching a grand distance of nine feet and two inches. Mehmet snorts milk up his nose before squeezing it out of his eye at high speed. How he figured out he had this talent is beyond us – but we think we’ll stick to black coffees from now on.

Largest number of snails on a face

In 2009, eleven-year-old Fin Keleher broke the world record for ‘most snails on the face’. Not grossed out by the slimy creatures in the slightest, Fin managed to get 43 snails to stick to his face for ten seconds, earning him his place in the book of records.

Most Snails on Face

Most consecutive chainsaw juggle catches

This one is a health and safety nightmare! It is held by Canadian Ian Stewart, who managed to make 94 catches juggling three chainsaws – while they were turned on. Ian is actually a hypnotist who does shows across North America, and breaking world records is simply a hobby for him.

Longest fingernails

For years Lee Redmond was one of the most recognisable record holders with her colossal nails, but after losing them in a car accident, the search was on to find someone to take her place. The current world record holder is Christine Walton from Las Vegas, whoe has nails that are a combined length of 7.3 metres (23 feet, 11 inches) long – that’s as long as a killer whale, in case you were wondering.

Heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets

Perhaps the most disgusting on this list is Chayne ‘Space Cowboy’ Hultgren’s record for the heaviest weight dragged by the eye sockets. Australian Chayne places hooks on the lacrimal bones under his eyes. For the record he managed to drag a rickshaw holding three women, and 100kg in metal weights.

Most spiders on a body for 30 seconds

11-year-old Tom ‘Spiderboy’ Buchanan put all of us arachnophobes to shame in 2007 by being able to lie in a perspex box with 125 golden orb weaver spiders. He managed to lie there for a total of 55 seconds to achieve this world record, which would be sure to make most people’s skin crawl.

Furthest eye pop

Kim Goodman from Chicago is able to pop her eyes 12mm out of her head and holds the record for ‘furthest eyeball protrusion’. Her eyes even pop out every time she yawns, but she says the party trick is completely painless. Thankfully.

World’s slimmest waist on a living person

Cathie Jung has slimmed her waist down to as small as 15 inches with the use of corsets. After she and her husband became obsessed with Victorian fashion, Cathie decided to reduce her waist size to achieve a Victorian silhouette. Although doctors insist she is healthy, it’s hard imagine her internal organs having much room – or clothes shopping being straightforward…