Epic action spoof Kung Fury is free to watch right now
Kung Fury

If you fancy brightening up your day with killer arcade machines, time-travelling skateboards and the funniest conversation between two Nazi henchmen ever committed to cinema, you should make time for Kung Fury.

Now available to watch on YouTube (and below) absolutely free, the Kickstarter-backed spoof of ’80s action films sees the renegade cop of the title dispensing justice in ludicrous fashion before coming up against his ultimate enemy: Hitler.

Taking in everything from dinosaurs to viking warriors, the resulting caper is a gloriously OTT 30-minute adventure with eye-popping CGI and terrific gags –¬†and it even features an awesome theme song from David Hasselhoff.

Swedish filmmaking and special effects outfit Laser Unicorns raised more than $600,000 to make the film via fan donations, and it appears that faith has been more than rewarded.

If you’re a fan of ‘so bad it’s good’ films and delicious post-kill puns, chances are you’ll love Kung Fury.

Warning: Strong language and (comically) violent scenes