7 reasons why you need to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race

Yes. That’s right. RuPaul’s Drag Race is FINALLY coming to UK television tonight, after becoming a massive hit on Netflix.

Drag Race sees up-and-coming drag queens competing in Project Runway/Top Model style challenges. And if you’re a fan of sassy put downs, outrageous fashion, and all out hilarity, then RuPaul’s Drag Race might be the camp fix you need.

Here are seven reasons why you should give it a watch.

1. RuPaul him/herself

Following a successful music, modelling, and TV career in the 1990s, RuPaul Charles is the host (or hostess) of the show, announcing the challenges and giving advice while out of drag, and appearing in drag while judging the contestants. The hilarious RuPaul can be both supportive, but painfully honest.


2. The over the top outfits

Drag Race‘s queens make Lady Gaga look like a catholic nun. From skyscraping headgear to sets of wings and pyrotechnics, the queens will do anything to outdo one another on the runway. Expect wigs to fly!

Coutney Act wings

3.The judges critiques

The judging panel takes no prisoners on the show, from hilarious mickey-takes to brutally honest criticism. Regular judge Michelle Visage is a fan favourite, and managed to win over the British public on Celebrity Big Brother this year. Celebrity guest judges also help to keep things fresh and have included the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Pamela Anderson, and Kathy Griffin.

Michelle Visage

4. The comedy

Yes, it’s funny to watch a bloke fall over in heels while some of the world’s biggest egos hurl insults at each other, but Drag Race‘s comedy is so much more than that. Several of the contestants are experienced and quick-witted entertainers. Expect to hear everything from potty-mouthed put downs to observational humour at its finest.

Bianca Del Rio

5. The celebrity impersonations

Every series the queens attempt their best celebrity impersonations while competing in the Blankety Blank rip-off challenge known as the Snatch Game. This challenge is where the performers with stand-up and comedy experience really shine by caricaturing various iconic celebrities and characters. Some highlights include an even more aggressive than usual Judge Judy, and a scarily spot-on impression of Maggie Smith’s character from Downton Abbey.

Chad Michaels

6.The transformation challenges

Another regular challenge the queens end up taking is transforming less-than-feminine straight men into drag queens. Past challenges have included making over army veterans, and even making over regular to-be husbands as ‘drag daughters’ for their own weddings!

Bianca Del Rio drag wedding Bianca del rio drag wedding 2

7. The inspirational stories

Behind all the drama and the make-up there are stories to be told. Many of the contestants have suffered years of homophobic and transphobic abuse, some having been disowned by their families, while others are even making the first steps in a gender transition. From HIV to being homeless, some of the queens have been through hell and back, but still manage to stay fabulous: if that isn’t inspirational, then what is?

Latrice Royale

RuPaul’s Drag Race starts tonight on TruTV (Freeview 68, Sky 565):