Disney pulls the plug on Tron 3

The highly anticipated Tron 3 looks like it won’t be happening after all.

It seemed like it was all systems go, with Olivia Wilde set to return with co-star Garett Hedlund and an incredibly exciting premise in store for viewers.

The film was said to pick up from Tron: Legacy, where a young boy had gone in search of his programmer father in a computerised world named The Grid.

Inspired by a video-game world and featuring futuristic and immersive visual effects as well a memorable soundtrack, we were expecting a bigger and better sci-fi world to dive into.

With talks of filming to begin as early as Autumn this year, there seemed to be no doubts that Tron 3 would hit cinemas in 2017.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney have decided against this action packed third instalment, focusing on upcoming live action versions of their classics instead.

With Tron: Legacy being so commercially successful and building such a cult following, it’s hard to think Disney would want to pass up the opportunity to indulge their fans.

As disappointing as this is, it seems the film had never been fully confirmed, despite talks of Joseph Kosinski returning to direct.

We hope Disney will have a rethink but for now, Tron 3 is no longer one to watch. News that hasn’t gone down too well with fans of the previous movie…