10 hot and spicy recipes that will get your taste buds tingling
Nashville hot chicken

There are a band of souls out there who revel in the dishes that would have others smoking from the tongue.

Those with far braver palates than normal, who thrive on devouring hot and spicy dishes which would leave mild-mannered meal fans frantically grasping for the nearest available source of water.

But the thrill of spicy food is addictive, and once you’ve built up that initial tolerance you’ll be looking for the next hot dish fix to blow the roof of your mouth into spicy paradise.

We’ve got you covered, with plenty of recipes that you can try at home, complete with that added kick. Approach your taste-buds with caution, food lovers:

1. Peppered hanger steak with rice cakes from foodrepublic.com

peppered steak


2. Jerk chicken from bonappetit.com

Jerk chicken


3. Hot Hawaiian burgers from seriouseats.com

Hot Hawaiian burgers


4. Kimchi fried rice from popsugar.com

Kimchi fried rice


5. Nashville-style hot chicken from epicurious.com

Nashville hot chicken


6. Chile-roasted shrimp from chow.com

chile-roasted shrimp


7. Hot and spicy beef from themalaproject.com

Spicy beef


8. Spicy harissa lamb meatballs with feta from bloggingoverthyme.com

Spicy Harissa Lamb Meatballs with Feta


9. Jalapeno cheddar bagels from strawberrypepper.com

Jalapeno cheddar bagels


10. Roasted butternut squash slider with sriracha mayo from veganricha.com

Butternut squash sliders