8 of the best places for street food at Newcastle’s Grainger Market
Grainger Market

For foodies in Newcastle there’s no better way to spend a day than strolling round the alleys of Grainger Market, feasting on delicious food from around the world.

From France to Turkey, via Italy and China, eating your way round the Market is a cultural experience quite unlike any other to be found in the North East.

Grainger Market is no stranger to locals, having been in Newcastle since 1835, but the recent influx of food vendors is fast earning it a reputation for fantastic street food.

Whether you’re wanting breakfast, lunch, dinner or maybe even all three at once, there’s a huge amount of choice at Grainger Market and, if you’re feeling particularly hungry and up for a challenge, it can all be done in an afternoon.

Le Petite Crêperie

Le Petite Creperie

A good place to begin, Le Petite Crêperie serve authentic french crêpes with a wonderful helping of charm from owners Julien and Frederic. The galettes (gluten free buckwheat crêpes) are beautifully light and crispy. Order the ham, emmental cheese and egg to appreciate some serious crepe making skills on the hot plate, but if you prefer something sweet the homemade salted caramel butter is highly recommended.

French Oven

French Oven

You’ve not truly experienced the best sausage roll in Newcastle until you’ve paid a visit to French Oven. The pastry is buttery and flaky and its best enjoyed straight out of the paper bag whilst strolling to your next food destination. If you’re feeling extra hungry make sure you also get some macarons for the Metro journey home and don’t forget to buy a loaf for tomorrow’s sandwiches!

Pizza by the Slice

Pizza by the Slice

Pizza by the Slice is so well loved in Newcastle you’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t been for a well deserved slice after a busy morning shopping. The pizzas are freshly made, the toppings are plentiful and they boast the cheapest and best made pizza in the Toon. You can watch the massive pizzas being made behind the counter, a reassurement that if this popular place has run out of food, there’ll be more on the way! Pizzas can be eaten straight off a paper plate or if you’re feeling fancy take it home wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Sloppy Joe’s Deli

Sloppy Joes

Bringing a taste of New York to the Toon, Sloppy Joe’s Deli serve freshly made baguettes crammed full of delicious fillings. You can create your own sandwich at the counter but make sure you don’t miss out on the selection of hot fillings. If an early morning stroll is your thing be sure to swing by Sloppy Joe’s for breakfast where you can get a thick wedge of eggy bread swimming in maple syrup. Using bread from Grainger Market’s very own French Oven, Sloppy Joes is a treat not to be missed.

Nan Bei

Nan Bei

The new kid at the Market, Nan Bei offers delicious Chinese dumplings and filled buns. Order egg and mushroom dumplings and eat at the counter whilst chatting to your fellow diners. Food is freshly prepared and piping hot, just add a touch of soy sauce and tuck in whilst enjoying some chat. You won’t find food as authentic as this anywhere else, close your eyes and your transported to China.

Fez Food

Fez Foods

Adding a taste of Turkey to Grainger Market, Fez Food has a substantial menu of hot food, mezze and savoury pastries. You’ll find it hard to find somewhere in Newcastle as colourful, the beautiful hanging lanterns, colourful stools and mosaic tables make this an ideal spot to rest your weary legs and tuck into some seriously good food. Indulge in Baklava and Turkish coffee for a truly authentic experience.

Lindsay’s To Go


Serving the very best local produce, Lindsay’s To Go is a fish lovers dream. Order Craster kippers or Lindisfarne oysters and then make your mouth water in anticipation as your food is cooked in front of you. The fish and chips are great but Lindsay’s is best known for its delicious seafood noodles, with generous portion sizes, it’s certainly enough to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Pet Lamb Patisserie

Pet Lamb Patisserie

You may be struggilng to find room by this point but no trip to Grainger Market is complete without visiting Pet Lamb. Here you will find some of the best cakes in Newcastle. Just make sure you’ve allowed yourself lots of time for decision making as the counter is full of treats that will have your eyes popping out on stalks. Their brownies and cupcakes are amazing, with an impressive amount of flavours to choose from. If you’re struggling for tummy space, get a box to go.

Grainger Market Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 5QG, graingermarket.org.uk