The best film releases and cinema events to look out for in July

As blockbuster season continues, Alan Laidlaw is on hand to give you a look at the biggest cinema events around the UK, along with a round-up of the must see films coming to the big-screen.

The big nationwide releases in July


Out July 3

Following on from his critically acclaimed Senna, Asif Kapadia takes a tender and thoughtful look at the life, and ultimate death, of one of Britain’s most enigmatic talents. Amy takes us behind the scenes into the life of Amy Winehouse, beyond the glare of the paparazzi, in an attempt to find the humanity and personality of the tragically talented singer. Here’s our recent review.

Magic Mike XXL

Out July 3

Magic Mike was one of those films which shattered preconceptions. The sequel, Magic Mike XXL, has been met with much baited breath (and not just from female cinema-goers) and will look to expand on the uniquely psychological take on the world of male strippers. The film once again stars the excellent Channing Tatum, who seems absolutely born to star in this sexy, flexy franchise.

Ted 2

Out July 8

Another sequel to a surprise hit, Ted 2 is sure to offer up more belly-busting laughs from the rudest teddy bear around. Expect more profanity, drug taking, alcohol guzzling and rapid fire one liners as we go on another wacky journey with the thunder-buddies.


Out July 17

The superhero is king at the moment in Hollywood. And there’s a new hero in town: the diminutive shape-shifting Ant-Man. It’s debatable whether or not there’s simply too many of these films clogging up the arteries of our cinemas, but Ant-Man does look set to be one of the most interesting takes on the genre, and it will be interesting to see just how Paul Rudd handles a role that is far from his bromance comfort zone.


Out July 24

Eden follows the rise of a French DJ at the height of the electro dance scene in the ’90’s. Accompanied by music from Daft Punk, this should be an interesting and emotive character study that will keep film and music fans happy in equal measure.

Inside Out

Out July 24

Disney’s Pixar is a relentless well of creativity and joy which keeps giving to children and adults alike. Their latest animation, Inside Out, is based around the inspired premise of having most of the film take place inside the minds of its characters who meet each of their personality traits which are manifested as little people inside their head. Inside Out is a rare treat of animation, and could very well be this generation’s Toy Story. Read our review from Cannes.


Out July 24

Having been snubbed by the Academy Awards last year for his haunting performance in Nightcrawler, Jake Gylenhaal looks set to get more success this time around with Southpaw, a film which sees him go through a physical transformation that deserves an award in its own right. Southpaw is a tragic drama about a boxer who comes close to losing everything when one fatal incident changes his life.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Out July 30

It’s time for another dose of outrageous building hopping, car exploding, double-agent action as Tom Cruise takes up the role of Ethan Hunt for the fifth (but probably not final) time. Just when we thought there was nothing left to surprise us, the IMF agency now comes under threat from a new terror: an ancient group of assassins and rogue agents who Hunt must prove the existence of in order to expose and bring the organisation down.

Special events in July

Bristol: Queer Vision Film Festival

3 – 12 July

The Queer Vision Film Festival is run in association with the Bristol Pride Festival and showcases a selection of the best new LGBTQ films from the world over. The festival chooses films which look to break down barriers and stereotypes and showcases some of the finest queer cinema talents around. This year’s showcase film should be In The Turn – a poignant documentary about a 10 year old transgender girl and how she is accepted into a community of roller derby skaters.

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London: Grosvenor Film Festival

9 – 31 July

The annual Grosvenor Film Festival is an event that celebrates the coming together of cinema and summer. With its numerous open air cinema screenings, it’s the place to be for any sun seeking film buffs. Stand out screenings include Whiplash, The Breakfast Club and Stand By Me.

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Manchester: Manchester Film Festival

10 – 12 July

The first ever international film festival to be held in Manchester is a landmark event for the film community of the city. There are several UK and International premieres being shown across the 16 screen cinema location at the Great Northern Warehouse, as well as numerous animated shorts and documentaries.

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Glasgow: BBC SSO – The Sound of Hitchcock

25 July

This special one-off performance by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra will take you on a journey through some of the most iconic scores from cinema’s master of suspense and terror. Alfred Hitchcock’s films were not only some of the best of all time, but featured music by some of the finest modern composers working in film. Includes music from Franz Waxman, Dmitri Tiomkin and Bernard Herrman. Conducted by Timothy Brock.

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