5 cool ways to enjoy the sun in Glasgow

The sun has finally made an appearance over Glasgow, which is something worth celebrating.

We’ve rounded-up some of the best ways to enjoy the city, from the best ice creams to al fresco eateries.

1. Grab an ice-cream


Nardini’s is probably Scotland’s most famous surname with regards to ice cream. Their main parlour in Largs is a place of legend, so much so that they had to open up another here in Glasgow. Serving classic Italian style ice-cream in an abundance of delicious and well thought out flavours, Nardini’s is a must visit place if you’re in Glasgow this summer. And if you fancy something a little more elaborate than a humble cone, then I’d advise you try one of their famed ice-cream sundaes – they’re the bees-knees.

Crollas Gelataria

Situated on the trendy Byers Road, Crolla’s ice-cream offers the yummiest way to cool down if you’re in the west end of Glasgow. And if their massive selection of ice-cream flavours isn’t your sort of thing, then perhaps you’d like to be a bit more adventurous and try their mind-melting creation, the pizza cone – a cone made of dough and filled with cheese, tomato and topped with herbs. You know you want to try that.

2. Find a beer garden



Ashton Lane is a veritable buffet of beer gardens, and there are none more frequented and enjoyed during the summer than Brels. The garden area is one of the most magical drinking spots in the city, with colourful seating, great lighting and its very own hillside. It also serves up an exhausting selection of craft and Belgian beers to help cool you down on those muggy summer days. They take their passion for their beer garden so far that they even have a weather report on their site to let people know if it’s going to be sunny enough to visit.

Ashton Lane – more info

Inn Deep

Inn Deep’s beer garden is arguably the hippest choice of the West End. Lying on the edge of the river Kelvin, this craft beer bar has the creme de la creme of pitches: at night, in the right light, it’d be easy to slip into a dreamlike state of thinking you’re in some bustling underground hangout in Paris, as interesting conversations flit around you. During the day you can watch the joggers and dog walkers go by or as night descends you can keep warm in the wonderfully photographic cave-like retreat.

445 Great Western Road, G12 8HH – more info


Looking over the Glasgow Green, WEST brewery is one of the more popular spots for a tipple during the good weather. Not only is their St Mungo’s brew one of the most heralded in the city, but the relaxing and expansive beer garden area makes for a very compelling argument to travel the little way out of the city centre to come visit it. The authentic German bratwursts and other beer friendly delights on offer are added insentive to trade in your BBQ plans and go WEST. Templeton Building, Glasgow Green – more info

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3. Enjoy the great outdoors (in the city)

Kelvingrove Park and the Botanic Gardens

Glasgow city editor Gillian Loney writes:

Being the well-heeled sort of area it is, the west end is blessed with flora and fauna from the sloping hills of Kelvingrove Park to the prim and proper Botanic Gardens – and there’s your first port of call to walk off that breakfast. If the weather is nice, wander the grounds and make friends with a squirrel or two.

Alexandra Park

Situated in the burgeoning east end of Glasgow, Alexandra Park is one of the most peaceful spots in the whole city. Its beautiful gardens are vast and filled with sculptures, monuments and fountains (see the amazing A-listed Saracen fountain to splash some cooling water in your face) and it has no shortage of green lawns to sit down and have a summertime picnic on. Don’t forget to take a walk up to the highest point to get an incredible view over our dear green place.

4. Quench your thirst

Juice Garden

Juice Garden
Juice Garden

Contributor Dawn Young writes:

If that caffeine addiction is leaving you jangling and your body is crying out for a detox then you might want to re-think that mid-morning latte and grab a juice instead. With outlets on Byres Road and Renfield Street, the mission of Juice Garden is to offer an alternative to the conventional fast food outlets in the city. So the next time the dreaded 4pm afternoon slump hits, reach for one of their cold-pressed juices or healthy shakes. Your body will most definitely thank you for it.

23 Renfield Street or 223 Byres Road – more info

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5. Go al fresco


Every Friday in the summer, come rain or shine (within reason), Sloans turns the bustle of the city centre into a relaxed fully functioning BBQ hangout. Their beautifully decked out courtyard gives the impression that you’re somewhere secluded, a place where you can chill-out with a beer or cocktail and have one of Sloans’ famous Bratwurst hotdogs topped with caramelised onions and mustard. Sloans brings a genuinely upbeat Aussie barby vibe to the heart of Glasgow.

108 Argyle Street – more info


Cottier’s is one of the most architecturally stunning drinking and eating venues in the West End of Glasgow. Making excellent use of its renovated church surrounding, it hosts some of the best BBQ afternoons during the summer weekends. Serving up excellent charred delights ranging from the humble beef burger made from the finest Inverurie beef to Dumfrieshire Lamb Koftas, all of which are accompanied by corn on the cob and a great range of delicious dips and salads. Cottier’s offers up a high quality alternative to the run of the mill garden BBQ.

93-95 Hyndland Street – more info