Beach House reveal new song ‘Sparks’ – listen
beach house

Beach House have just released their first single for almost 3 years. ‘Sparks’, which will be taken from their upcoming album Depression Cherry, doesn’t take long to assure you that the wait has been more than worthwhile.

Taking a slight departure from the sugary dream-pop we’ve come to know and cherish from the duo, ‘Sparks’ indicates that Beach House might have been listening to one or two My Bloody Valentine albums during their break. With a wash of delicately constructed noise – it’s a more abrasive, in your face sound – but one that is still accompanied by the insistent drum machine beat and hauntingly androgynous hushed vocals of Victoria Legrand that defines the makeup of the band.

From their very first self titled album released way back in 2006, Beach House have patiently expanded their sound with each album, and from what can be heard on ‘Sparks’, this latest album could signal the biggest development for them in terms of shifting their sound from dreamy soundscapes to something a little more unsettling.

Have a listen to ‘Sparks’ here and get lost in a swirl of noisy loveliness: