Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie gets first official trailer
steve jobs

“Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra,” Steve Jobs arrogantly proclaims, in the first official trailer for Danny Boyle’s biopic of the famous Apple CEO.

See, the thing is: Steve Jobs was a genius. But not in the engineering sense that you’d initially assume. He was, first and foremost – a visionary. And like anyone who is born to see out a great vision, it’s inevitable that he was going to ruffle some feathers along the way.

He was no saintly figure; there were darker sides to his character, that’s for sure; and going by the trailer, Boyle looks set to show some of that side on the big screen.

Looking at the trailer, one things for certain: Steve Jobs is going to be a psychological character study that will have no problems probing at the man behind the public persona.

There’s a trademark Boyle energy about it, with flashing lights, quick cuts and sharp dialogue (written by the excellent Aaron Sorkin, who worked wonders with The Social Network’s script).

However, one thing that appears to be irking viewers so far is the jarring effect of lead actor Michael Fassbender failing to look remotely like Jobs. He seems to be offering up his usual trademark intensity, but audiences on the whole remain unconvinced about the casting of the Irish actor.

But with Macbeth, Slow West, The Light Between Oceans and now Steve Jobs all coming out in the space of the year – who are we to question perhaps the most accomplished and versatile actor working today?

Take a look at the trailer below, and decide for yourself whether you think he can pull it off.