An Insta-tour of Cardiff’s best tattooists
ET tattoo by Chris Jones

There are loads of tattoo parlours in Cardiff – in the last few years it’s seemed like there’s been a new one popping up every couple of months.

When it comes to getting inked up, though, you want to make sure you go to a really good artist, a master of the needle, who has their head screwed on when it comes to both style and safety.

Follow us on an Insta-tour of Cardiff’s best tattooists for innovation, artistry and accuracy.

Jules Gordon at Frontier

The co-owner of Frontier Tattoo Parlour on St Mary’s Street, Jules has a strong and dedicated following. His best work is his blackwork, where strong black lines and shades of grey are built up to create tattoos that resemble sketches and line art. See more at Jules Gordon on Instagram

Chris Jones at Physical Graffiti

To have a tattoo by Chris Jones is to have the artwork of the official Best UK Male in the UK Tattoo Industry on your body. Famous for his photorealistic tattoos of actors, film scenes and celebrities, his insanely accurate depictions of recognisable faces will blow your mind. You certainly know one of his works when you see one. See more at Chris Jones on Instagram

Chris Collins at Frontier

With a unique take on colouration, Chris Collins’ tattoos look almost like they’ve been inspired by the colours of Native America. Rich maroon reds, sunset ochre yellows and greeny greys make an appearance in a lot of his pieces, giving him a distinctive style and a real talent when it comes to using few colours to make a bold statement. See more at Chris Collins on Instagram

Right healed, left fresh. Thanks again Richard!

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Black healed, colour fresh. Thanks Jamie!

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John Treharne at Skin Creation

Quite different to a lot of artists who are around currently, John Treharne, owner of Skin Creation, goes all out on colour in his work. This leads to beautifully vibrant, large scale pieces that appear so bright that it’s as if the wearer has a sticker on their skin. His tattoos prove how fun and eye-catching heavily pigmented coloured body art can be. See more at John Treharne on Instagram

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Matt Stevens at Silverhand

Working in the longstanding Silverhand in Castle Arcade, Matt Stevens appears to have a specialism in nature-inspired tattoos. His tattoos of feathers, animals and body parts are so detailed, stripped back to black, off-white and red-grey. The minimalist colour exaggerates the natural beauty of the items he expertly draws. See more at Matt Stevens on Instagram

Ravens from this week

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A lot of feathers this took forever, Al freehand #feather #feathertattoo#wings#wingtattoo #silverbackink

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Main image: E.T. by Chris Jones

Have you had an amazing tattoo in Cardiff, or can you think of another Cardiff tattoo artist that people should know about? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.