Meet Me in Montenegro: Linnea Saasen and Alex Holdridge on filming their real life love story
Meet me in montenegro

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival Alan Laidlaw caught up with Linnea Saasen and Alex Holdridge, directors of Meet Me in Montenegro, a personal and charming film about the directing duo’s real life romance.

Alex Holdridge’s 2007 film In Search of a Midnight Kiss had a profound effect on me when I first watched it. It was one of those special moments where cinema collided with your life, and you could relate so intensely to the things that the characters on screen were feeling and saying.

It sent a shock-wave through my young, relatively naive mind, and encouraged me to explore a whole wave of new directors and writers who took a similar approach to film-making.

Almost a decade later, and with that film still very much an important part of my love for film, I went to talk to Holdridge and his girlfriend Linnea Saasen, who were in Edinburgh to promote their film Meet Me in Montenegro which was showing at the EIFF.

Read our review, and watch the interview below: