DMA’s: ‘Our drummer tried to rack some booze from Noel Gallagher’s green room’

Australia seems to be pumping out exciting new bands left, right and centre at the moment. Psych heroes like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Tame Impala are currently doing the rounds and impressing the blogosphere as they go.

Sydney’s DMA’s take a slightly different tack to their psychey brethren, but are no less exciting, channelling more of a classic Britpop sound with definite callbacks to the likes of Oasis.

They released their self-titled EP back in May (which you can listen to at the bottom of this page), and are currently traversing the UK as they take the record out on the road.

We had a chat with lead-singer Tommy about that abbreviated name, the state of Australian music, and what he really thinks of Noel Gallagher…

Please introduce us to each member of the band and what they do.

MASON – lead guitar and backing vocals
JOHNNY – acoustic guitar
TOMMY – vocals

And our live band:

LIAM – drums
JOEL – rhythm guitar

How did the band come about and where does that name come from? What does DMA’s stand for?

“The band came about from being in other bands around Sydney. I guess we had a like-minded view of what music we liked and wanted to make. DMA’s is an abbreviation of a few old names we had. It stands for heaps of things: Doesn’t Mean Anything; Drum Machine Anthems; Do More Acid; the list goes on…”

For those unaware of what DMA’s do, why should people listen to the band?

“You should listen to us because we write music that people can relate to. And that’s the best kind of music. We write songs about falling in love, losing love, partying, battling inner demons, working dud jobs and everyday life…”

In an interview with The Music, Noel Gallagher said he was going to boo you from the side of the stage at the Governor’s Ball in New York. Did he stay true to his word, and have you had a chance to meet him in person?

“Nah, he never watched, I don’t think he even remembers or knows who we are to be honest. Our drummer went in his green room at the Ball to rack some booze but he was in there doing an interview. I still don’t know why he tried to do that, though, there was free unlimited grog at the artist bar. I would love to meet Noel, though; he’s done everything in music and I reckon he’d be an interesting dude to talk to, especially for me who is just starting out.”

There seems to be an explosion of Australian bands at the moment, with acts like Tame Impala, King Gizzard etc forging a psych revival. What else does Australia have to offer musically, and can it be frustrating to see these sorts of ‘scenes’ imposed upon a place by outside media?

“I think Australia has always produced great artists. They have been producing successful exports for decades. I think the media is just choosing to pay more attention to them now. How long that lasts for, who knows?”

A lot of those bands, and even you guys, seem to have taken influence from very British sounds like Britpop etc; how does that go down in Australia, or do you notice more attention from places further afield?

“I think that style of music resonates everywhere.”

So you guys are technically a trio, and how does the live show work?

“Three other mates join us live, on bass, rhythm guitar and drums. We need them, as it helps make the live show the best it can be.”

The video to ‘Your Low’ features animation and illustrations from Chad Van Gaalen. How did that collaboration come about, considering you guys don’t necessarily make the same style of music as he does?

“Our North American label Mom + Pop organised it. Apparently they sent him our tunes and he was into it and keen to make some visuals for a track. He did a great job on that I thought.”

What’s the next big thing from Sydney/Australia? What new bands should we be listening out for?

“Australian rock band Bad//Dreams I think have a big future. A band called World Champion been doing some cool things and our mates Green Buzzard are releasing new stuff at the moment.”

What’s next in the diary for DMA’s? What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months or so?

“Another six weeks of touring the EP in the UK, EU and North America. Then release the album and tour it at home and abroad.”

DMA’s play the following UK dates:

21 July: London, KOKO
24 July: Sheffield, Forum Cafe Bar
25 July: Bedford, Esquires
26 August: London, 100 Club

Listen to the DMA’s EP: