We went to see Mission Impossible – in the style of Mission Impossible
MI 8 (1)

Being a journalist apparently has its perks. Or so I learned when I was asked to attend a VIP screening of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation at the Vue Cinema in Kirkstall, Leeds.

It was quite a big deal for the guys at Vue, as the screening was held to launch the first ‘IMAX’ in the city. Was IMAX the name of an evil terrorist organisation? Or simply the branding for a super-sized cinema experience?

All very exciting then, but I still felt the night needed spicing up a little.

So in true Ethan Hunt spirit, I infiltrated the screening in secret agent style*.

*To fully get to grips with the nature of the film, of course. Definitely not just to mess around.

Feel free to whistle the Mission Impossible theme tune while reading.

Mission log follows…

17.00 hours

Sadly, I didn’t have a multi-national secret service funding my mission, so I decided to bum a ride with the star of the show: Ethan Hunt.

MI 1 (1).

17.07 hours

His methods of transport are slightly unconventional, but efficient.

MI 3 (1)

17.16 hours

I arrived in good time. There were no guards on the door, which is always a bonus. I began scouting the area in a stealthy manner to avoid detection.

MI 4 (1)

17.20 hours

The scouting made me hungry however, so I thought: “As long as I’m here, a few cola bottles wont go amiss.”

MI 2 (1)

17.33 hours

That large Sprite got the better of me. Goddamn bodily functions. It was time for a super secret agent bathroom break.

MI 5 (1)

17.35 hours

Oops. Wrong bathroom.

MI 6 (1)

17.41 hours

I knew it was nearly time for the doors to open, so I resumed my cover behind a handily placed magazine. They’d never suspect a secret agent to be interested in Vue’s upcoming events. Genius!

MI 7 (1)

17.45 hours

The doors finally opened. This was my chance. Of course I could have subdued the employees and entered that way, but the first rule of secret agent school is: “Always take the easy way out”. Luckily I found a handy disguise through the doors: a pair of 3-D glasses. They’ll never suspect a thing! It was time to find a seat fit for a secret agent…

MI 8 (1)

18.00 hours

Mission accomplished.

MI 9 (1)

Mission debrief

I was positively starstruck upon entering the theatre. There were no less than three – I’ll repeat that – THREE Leeds Rhinos, and at least one Emmerdale cast member.

This was actually my first IMAX screening, and I learned several things – the first of which was the size of the screen. Yes, the screen was big and curved to suit the natural shape of our vision. And yes, it was a very clear image and all that jazz.

Is it a well known fact that Tom Cruise’s front tooth is directly in the middle of his face? I had no choice but to stare at that tooth for the duration of the film, as the pearly whites of Ethan Hunt were practically thrust into my vision.

Another point was the sound levels. It was all a very loud experience, which complemented Simon Pegg’s girly screams rather well.

At one point in the film, Ethan Hunt was doing pull ups and his breathing was so heavy it felt as though Tom Cruise was sat behind me exhaling onto my neck. Not necessarily an experience you may want when visiting the cinema, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

This blog will self destruct in 10 seconds.

The new IMAX screen is now open at Vue Kirkstall in Leeds. For more information, visit the official website