5 of the best barber shops in Leeds
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The bog standard ‘short back and sides’ is no more.

Men’s fashion has undergone something of a renaissance in Leeds in recent years, and whilst much of the focus has been on the rails, hair styling has become big business all the same.

With the ride of trendy barber shops we are seeing more services on offer but not forgetting the basics and traditional services, but which is better and value for money?

Fashion guru, hairdresser and Leeds lad Matthew Blakeborough offers some insight into five of Leeds’ finest barber shops.

Piranha Hair Studio

A household name for its products aside from the shop, Piranha is a big player in the Leeds barbering industry and is now based in the Merrion Centre mini market. Known for their talent with clippers, Piranha offer fading and hair tattoo services alongside more traditional cuts. The owner, known as ‘Barber B’, has worked hard to create a name for himself, placing his shop at the very apex of Leeds hair care.

Piranha Hair Studio, 60 North st, Leeds, LS2 7PN, 0113 243 2160 – more info

Remedy Hairdressing

The Leeds leg of Remedy Hairdressing for Men opened its doors in 2006 and has created a great reputation for a lively atmosphere and hugely talented barbers. It’s effortlessly cool, with carefully selected music and great conversation, without crossing the border into too much of a ‘try hard’ establishment. What’s most impressive about Remedy is the fact that they tailor their services to your personal hair and skin tone, an all-too rare trait in a barber shop.

Remedy Hairdressing for Men, 16 New Briggate, LS1 6NU, 0113 380 4912 – more info

Barber Barber UK

Barber Barber UK is one of the newest barber shops in Leeds City Centre, extending the Manchester and Liverpool chain run by legendary barber Johnny ‘The BaBa’ Shanahan. Specialising in clean cuts and close shaves, the Albion Place shop is fast becoming a game changer in men’s grooming. Barber Barber is known as the UK’s finest gentlemen only saloon and offers an environment and experience that cannot be rivalled, offering its patrons the choice of a fully stocked bar and even a poker lounge in which to relax while they wait.

Barber Barber UK, 22 Albion Place, Leeds, LS1 6JB, more info

Modern Hairdressing

Founded in 1970, Modern Hairdressing is established as one of the leading men’s salons in the north. Now based in Thorton’s Arcade, they are working hard to keep the modern man looking his best. The barbers at Modern Hairdressing are highly skilled and are up to date on the latest trends and products in mens grooming, offering all the essential cuts, wet shaves and also colour services, which is great to see in a barber shop.

Modern hairdressing, 23 Thorntons Arcade, LS1 6LQ, 0113 245 4689 – more info

Steca’s Barbering

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Credit: Steca’s Facebook

Steca Barbering has a small handful of salons throughout West Yorkshire, including Leeds. Based on traditional, relaxed values, the Thornton’s Arcade barber shop is not one to rush through a cut, rather taking their time to ensure a better quality of service. The staff are hugely skilled, friendly, welcoming and relaxed, an atmosphere which is always complemented with a beverage.

Steca’s Barbering, Thornton’s Arcade, off Briggate, LS1 6LQ, 0113 2340400 – more info

Featured image courtesy of Steca’s