Comedy review: Live In The Staff Room (Sex, Fairy Tales, Serial Killers and Other Stuff)
Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy review: Live In The Staff Room (Sex, Fairy Tales, Serial Killers and Other Stuff), reviewed by The Scotsman’s Kate Copstick.


Queue early to get squished into the tiny staff room to hear this lovely, funny honest hour by the most engaging of comics. “Aaah, more dirty people, great!” she cries as four more comedy enthusiasts wedge themselves into the already solid mass of bodies. Giada’s ideas on pornography, serial killers and fairytales (real ones not Disney ones) are packed into the hour just as tightly as her audience.

She has recently started watching pornography (the serial killers are more of a long-standing fascination with Jeffrey Dahmer as a particular person of interest) and has been energetic in her research. We learn a lot – a LOT – about Giada’s sex life past and present and from the number of nodding heads in the room you get the feeling that she is speaking for many of us.

There is sexual politics here, as she picks apart the most recent legislation on UK pornography and the ridiculous list of banned activities, questions Beyonce as the new face of feminism, has a pop at social media’s “crusaders in slippers” and shares her own experiences in New York in the wake of the famous “cat calling” video. She is the friendly, feisty, funny face of common sense gender politics and I could have listened to much more had Giada not had to move on to the serial killers and fairytales.

And now I know what an Angry Dragon is. Although part of me wishes I didn’t

Free Sisters (Venue 272) until 29 August / listings

Published in The Scotsman on 18 August 2015

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