The Knowledge: Carbs choose their top 5 pizzas in Scotland

Scottish alt-pop duo Carbs, our new band of the week, love pizza so much they have a special edition version of their debut album which comes in a five-inch pizza box.

So, given their penchant for everyone’s favourite Italian fast food, we asked Jonnie Common and Jamie Scott to name their top five pizzas – including one dearly departed mozzarella maestro…

Duo – Perth

Jonnie: Perth’s tagline is ‘The Perfect Centre’. That is a stretch beyond anyone’s imagination, but within that allegedly perfect centre you can find a genuinely perfect pizza at Duo. Then drive to the city limits and eat it in your car.

2 Princes Street, Perth

Corrieri’s – Stirling

Jamie: This is where I grew to love pizza growing up. We’d pop 50p in the ancient jukebox, mum would to put on Elvis, dad would put on Elvis Costello, and we’d munch up in the No Smoking section through the back. Heady days. Great chipper attached as well, for those in need of a more serious carbs injection.

7 Alloa Road, Causewayhead, Stirling

Black Rabbit – Glasgow (closed)

Jamie: RIP BR, you poor victim of Glasgow’s seemingly all consuming craze for bespoke burgers. Your pizzas may not have astounded anyone, but the value proffered in your frankly insane 3-4-1 Tuesday deal demands respect. The perils of trying to sell pizzas next door to Dominos…

526 Great Western Road, Glasgow

The Brindisi – Stirling

Jonnie: This is my new local and I’m pretty taken with it. Aside from the extremely decent pizza, the place is an oddity to be cherished. The wood-panel walls are lined with jars of pickled whoknowswhat and cans of lager. They also have a pizza called the Sofia Loren but it involves capers so I won’t be having dinner with Sofia anytime soon.

29 Upper Craigs, Stirling

Lamora – Glasgow

Jamie: My go-to Glasgow pizza is Lamora’s Caprino, and this fine establishment has realised that a takeaway pizza menu without a goats cheese pizza is a takeaway pizza menu worth binning, unread. The burns on the chef’s arms let you know that Lamora cares, and suffers, for your pizza.

1166-1170 Argyle Street, Glasgow

Carbs’ debut album Joyous Material Failure is out now via Save As Collective.

Watch their video for ‘Life Drawing’: