16 things you’ll only know if you’ve lived in Hanover
Hanover in Brighton

Neatly tucked behind the seafront streets of Brighton’s Kemptown lies hilly Hanover which is home to families, young professionals and students alike.

One thing brings all these residents together though: a strong neighbourly ethos.

If you’ve never ventured up Southover Street, there are some things you may not know about Hanover.

1. It offers great exercise

Hanover is known as Muesli Mountain for a reason. It really is up a mountain. Well, not really a mountain but it is up a whopping great hill. The boundaries of the exact area classed as Hanover are regularly argued but it’s a fair assumption to say that Southover Street is the hub of the community and it will give your thighs a good working.

2. And the muesli part…

Well, we all eat organic muesli with soya yoghurt don’t we? Take your pick from the local delis and artisan bread stores – you’ve got Wild Cherry on Queen’s Park Road for delicious homemade deli and lunch options, locally sourced bread and pastries at Fanny’s on Islingword Road, or organic and natural produce at Hilly Laine on Elm Grove and Stock on Islingword Place. You never need to worry about running out of chargrilled red pepper hummus again.

3. You’re never more than 60 seconds from a pub

The Greys pub Hanover
Picture: Jem Stone / Flickr

Many students (and residents) have attempted but never finished a Hanover pub crawl. There’s The Southover, Charles Napier, The Greys, The Geese, The Dover Castle… and that’s just on Southover Street. There are just too damn many of them!

4. Craft beer cravings will be calmed

And they’re not just any pubs, there’s even got a craft beer specialist in the form of The Southover (previously The Pub With No Name). They’ve got Brewdog pale ales and IPAs and wheat ales; and if you can’t choose you can get three 1/3 pint of any three craft beers on tap. Oh, and they play awesome music.

5. They REALLY love beer

If that’s not enough, we even have our own beer festival every autumn. This year’s festival is on October 2 and October 3, 2015 at the Hanover Centre. It features a selection of beers, ales, ciders, perries and wine – tickets are £10 and that includes your first pint and a free commemorative souvenir glass so the weekend can live on in your memories forever.

The awesome Cider Boys! #newbezzies #hanoverbeerfestival #Brighton

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6. There’s a local swimming pool

If the mountain trek isn’t getting you sweating, take a trip to St Luke’s swimming pool. It may not be the most exciting of pools, but it’s a long walk back up the hill from the swimming pools in town OK?!

7. Then there’s the park

Queen’s Park is one of the nicest parks in the city. It’s small but perfectly formed, and ok yes, it has its own hill! But it wouldn’t be Hanover without the hill! There’s a pond for feeding the ducks, a children’s playground, an area for dogs and plenty of picnic and football spots. It’s a runner’s and dog walker’s paradise.

Queen's Park Brighton
Picture: Jem Stone / Flickr

8. There are plenty of classes on offer too

The Hanover Centre is a community hub hosting yoga, zumba and pilates, drama classes, art workshops and even computer programming lessons for kids. There are loads of great things going on and you can hire the space for your own events.

9. There’s even street art

Home to the McDonalds house of vomit, which has (sadly?) now disappeared, you literally never know what you’re going to wake up to as there’s plenty of graffiti to see in the area.

10. You won’t forget you’re by the seaside

The 'hood

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And even the normal houses look beautiful. The streets are a blur of brightly coloured paints and pastel hues, just how a seaside town should look.

11. When it snows, you ain’t leaving

If there’s even a hint of frost in the air, lock your front door because you won’t be leaving your house. Every year it’s a chaotic scene or cars abandoned on the hill, skaters swapping their skateboards for snowboards and don’t even think about hailing a taxi to get you home, they stop running their services to the whole area.

Hanover, Brighton in the snow
Picture: Miles Sabin / Flickr

12. There are takeaways-a-plenty

Fancy fish and chips? Pizza? Burger? Chinese? Kebab? We’ve got you sorted. From the brilliantly named Codfather to Smoque Grill, Sea Breeze and China Star there’s plenty of choice within walking distance for when you tumble out your 14th pub.

13. Not to mention the pub food fayre

There’s more than just takeaway food – did I mention there are a couple of pubs to choose from? Go to a pub to eat and you can choose from Thai (The Reservoir and The Southover), any type of bangers and mash you can imagine (The Geese), stonebaked pizza (The Hanover), burgers (The Islingword) and pie and mash (The Constant Service). Dribble.

14. Street parties and art trails are in full swing


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Through the summer there are loads of street parties where neighbours get to have a chit chat; and many locals open their front doors for the Artists’ Open Houses project in May. Discover unique paintings, sculpture, jewellery and pottery when residents open up their homes for a domestic gallery experience.

15. Hanover has some of the best views in Brighton

There’s nowhere better to be on a summer evening than in the beer garden of The Setting Sun on Windmill Street. It’s a small garden but its location on the top of the hill means it has fantastic views over the city.

16. You’ll give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money

Well, you won’t necessarily have to drive fast but you will need to fit into tight spaces to navigate the narrow roads and crowded rows of parked cars. It’s one of the only semi-central areas left that doesn’t have pay and display or require permit parking so although it’s free that also means it is a nightmare as many city workers will park here and walk into the city centre. Better stick to a bicycle.

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Main image: Amy Bradley / Flickr / CC